The real scary movie

I love scary movies,  terror films and other movies like this.

I like a man scared people with a chainsaw or big knife and everyone screams without clear reason,  maybe the knife man say hello,  why not? Why so afraid? But we always think a bad things…. If the man has a chainsaw run,  you know.

My personal reason for writing this post its more real than all this,  my experience with the real fear,  i know what is this,  i grew up with this tenebrous friend.

Fear and pain were in my school,  in 1987 september terror began. Im was eigth years old and a teacher was a monster in a womans body.

Fear is to be small and know that you are going to be hit by a monster disguised as a third grade teacher without reason. The person who has the small lifes in your hands and is supposed to prepare them.

It is knwoing that you are helpless before all that,  lose you desire to learn and live too with eight years old.

This devil of rotten soul with thick glass glasses and a grape clusters ring is you owner during the day,  he has all the time for hit you.

Life becomes dark and disappear how do you know,  its a scary movie all the time.

One thing motivate me and do it with devotion,  every morning prayed with her. I prayed everyday for three years that she was my teacher.

I prayed with devotion to get rid or her,  to disappear from my life. The last year pray all plagues fell on her and evenfor God end my own life. I pray for God to return this devil to hell she came from.

This is fear,  real scary movie that became my life what ruined my happy chilhood and my future life that i will never fully recovered completely.

(Sorry,  its my firts time in english, greetings)

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